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As our museums are closed due to COVID-19, staff are working on virtual tours for you to explore Pensacola's history. Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.


Lessons In Ink

Regardless of style, comic book artists are tasked with creating striking imagery to transport their readers to new and different worlds. Often with no more than pencil and their imagination, the comic book artist is able to create scenes that will stay with us throughout our lives. Horror, comedy, and romance in the comic book world were once censored only by social norms. That all changed with the development of the Comics Code in 1954. Artists were thrown under a hammer of censorship like never before, and it would remain that way until 2011.

Lessons In Ink is the newest exhibit in the T. T. Wentworth Museum's 3rd floor exhibit space. Tour this new exhibit from your home.

old christ church

Old Christ Church

Old Christ Church was built in 1832 for the “Protestant Association in the City of Pensacola” with the purpose to build an Episcopal church in Pensacola.  The architect and builder are unknown. The church now stands as one of the oldest Protestant churches in the state of Florida, located on the original site and being the original masonry structure. Old Christ Church has strong elements of Norman-Gothic: a transition period from the traditional Roman-Classical architectural style to Gothic style.

Old Christ Church is one of our guided tour stops in Historic Pensacola Village. Explore Old Christ Church From Home on our new virtual tour.

Greetings from Pensacola

Explore the Wentworth Museum's 2nd floor gallery, Greetings from Pensacola. Postcards were one of the ultimate promoters of person, place and thing during the first half of the 20th century. Journey through the development of the postcard and Pensacola’s postcard past while becoming acquainted with Curt Teich, the world’s most successful postcard publisher.